Everyone has their story. My radio career started in 2004 with twelve listeners on the internet tuned into a weekly podcast. That humble beginning led to this wonderful opportunity in the sixth-largest market in America. 

A native of suburban Chicago and raised on legendary talk radio I turned my passion into opportunity. Selling commercial insurance by day, I started a weekly podcast dedicated to Ole Miss sports called The Grove Report. After three years and the addition of nine radio affiliates and an internet audience that grew to more than 60,000, the show expanded into The Sports Tap, a syndicated daily show dedicated to Southern college football talk with 34 affiliates in the Southeast.


Residence: Kingwood, TX

Hometown: Arlington Heights, IL

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism - Ole Miss

Experience: On-Air Host since 2004 / 4-years Play-by-Play / Stand-Up / Improv - Second City (Chicago, IL) / Acting - On-Stage, On-Screen (film / TV / commercials)


On the Internet

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Now, I'm ready to bring that candid daily conversation centered on college football to Houston. BstrawRadio will certainly cover the local professional teams, as well as other important stories in the world of sports. But our focus will be COLLEGE FOOTBALL. Interviews with coaches and other prominent figures in the world of college football will be staples of the show.

Let's face it, the passion and interest in college football is so historically rooted into the culture of Texas - and the South - it comes as no surprise that the launch of The SEC Network was the largest in the history of cable television, or that the first two College Football Playoffs produced three of the highest-rated programs in cable TV history.

Recent studies indicate that there are more than 64-million avid college football fans in America. This passionate base of fans has grown 37% in just the past decade and trails only the NFL in avid fans with 43% of the country saying they closely follow college football. 

Despite this popularity, how many college football fans in Houston can say they are satisfied with the amount of college content they hear on local radio? BstrawRadio will strive to satisfy that need and demand, allowing fans and sponsors alike to tap into the rich traditions and storied programs that make up the fabric of the South.